Yes, there is some – even as the scale of devastation becomes more apparent from our Katrina Moment.
Park Commissioner Spencer Herbert reports:

I was able to secure a commitment from the Aquarium and the Park Board to build a return bike route from the Aquarium. It won’t be the full deal bike changes necessary in the park, but I think it’s taking us in that direction. It should start to be built in the next two years I believe.

I’ve been pushing for a proper bike network in Stanley Park since I was a City Councillor. I’d even take Commissioners on bike rides to show them how confused, inadequate and frustrating the current system was.
The one-way route around the park is scaled for distances normally done by cars. If you simply wanted to cycle from the park entrance at Georgia to the Aquarium, to get back you’d have to complete a loop several miles out of your way, or cycle against the traffic (illegally) on the seawall, or try to find a route that theoretically takes you back – but isn’t signed or marked.
The Commissioners would all commit to following up, motions would be passed, staff promised to report back – and nothing would happen.
Maybe this time.

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