Vancouver Diary: East Village Huh?

Dianna noticed these banners on Vancouver’s Hastings Street, between Clark and Renfrew in what is now termed, by the Hastings North Business Improvement Association (BIA), the East Village.

One of the banners features a hipster crow leaning on a bicycle:

Probably the oddest part is the crow reading a book. What’s the backstory here? What’s the connection to Hastings Sunrise?

And…and who did it?

Study Says More Density in Single Family Neighbourhoods is Greener



In Vancouver single family housing is demolished to make bigger new houses, often of the same style. Yet, in this study to be published in July by University of British Columbia researchers and MountainMath Software, the perception that new is greener and better is seriously challenged.

UBC Reports  notes that, “despite the better energy performance of the new homes, this cycle is likely to increase overall greenhouse gas emissions.”  Read on >>

It’s PARTY Time!

In Vancouver, the 2018 civic election is taking an expansionary turn, as existing party structures appear unable to provide a home for rising constituencies concerned over housing.

It’s drifting towards the possibility that only candidates who defy traditional left-right pigeonholes and party structures may experience electoral success.

It’s certainly not getting any easier to forecast.

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