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July 20, 2018

Cambie Report with Price & James

You will enjoy the latest live version of the funny and lively Cambie Report, featuring Price Tags’ Editors Gordon Price and Sandy James.

What does Gordon Price think is the major issue in this upcoming civic election?  And what kind of issue is it?  Is it a small but noisy hot button issue, is it something tired and old (bike lanes), is it something fundamental to how we think of ourselves?

Price & James start at around 0:43:00.

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It’s time for the latest in a most Vancouver-like unfolding epic saga:  the ever-mutating world of yoga.

The latest:   cannabis yoga (a.k.a. ganja yoga) for those who like it laid-back.  Where billion-dollar takeovers and gigantic emerging industries meet the ancient techniques while spawning cravings for chocolate and tortilla chips.

We’ve thoughtfully provided a short tour of the ever-expanding world of yoga, just in case cannabis yoga isn’t your thing.

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Patrick Sisson at reports on the ground breaking (no pun intended) work of  two Vancouver locals~Joseph Dahmen, a professor of architecture at the University of British Columbia, and mathematician Jens von Bergmann of MountainMath Software. They’ve developed the “teardown index” by determining the ratio of land to home value. Relative Building Value, or RBV needs to be 60 to 70% for a new residence “but when the RBV drops below 10 percent, the chances for a teardown increase dramatically.”. 

How dramatically? Based upon their formula, the researches estimate that 25% of the current single residential houses in the city could be gone in the next twelve years.

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Some important statistics from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), the provincial Crown Corporation responsible for driver licensing, registration and primary insurance coverage, came out yesterday.

If you’ve felt that driving in BC was getting a bit more dangerous, you’re right. ICBC has confirmed that, in 2017, there were 350,000 crashes province-wide. Think of that number — that means there were almost 1,000 crashes every day last year. Statistically, this also suggests (conservatively, assuming single-car crashes) that about one in every ten drivers will be involved in a crash this year.

That figure of 350,000 crashes also works out to 40 crashes every hour in the province; overall, this costs ICBC $4.8 billion, or roughly $13 million per day.

This is also $1 billion more than the cost of the proposed 10-lane Massey Bridge (last estimated in the $3.7 billion range).

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This past weekend, I decided to take a quick ride over to Jericho from the West End, just to see what was happening with the Folk Festival.

Along the way, I found several long-standing examples of the City of Vancouver’s Park Board indifference to cycling.  (I know the commissioners would disagree, but the lack of action over so many years, regardless of all the plans, consultations and rhetoric, speak otherwise.)

For instance the path pictured above, just to the west of the Aquatic Centre, connecting Beach Avenue with the Seaside Greenway —narrow asphalt and worn grass — is ambiguous, inadequate and unsafe.  If it were under the jurisdiction of the City’s engineering department, it would likely have been rectified by now (it’s been this way for decades).

But it’s Park Board territory — and another example of their attitude: #wedontcare.

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Metro Vancouver campus commuters and transit-takers, here’s your chance to attend a “Town Hall” presentation and discussion on extending Vancouver’s Skytrain beyond Arbutus Street to UBC’s Point Grey campus.

The event will be hosted by Joyce Murray, Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra, with participation of representatives from TransLink, UBC, City of Vancouver and West Broadway Business Improvement Association.

Not sure whether to attend? Here’s some background, via an earlier Price Tags post.

If you go, remember — you get your say, you don’t get a veto.

Saturday, July 28, 2018
Registration 12:30 – 1:00 pm
Town Hall: 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Pacific Spirit Church, Memorial Hall (2195 45th Ave at Yew)
Light refreshments will be provided

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