The majority of Vancouver’s land is zoned for residential use, but forbids apartment buildings.  (click to enlarge)

Thanks to @GRIDSVancouver for this rendering of the opportunity in Vancouver to change zoning and provide more housing for more people.

My question: how will this play out in the upcoming civic election? A split across traditional left-right dimensions? Emergence of new poles of opinion  density increase, or status quo; rezone or not; rezone much, or a little; rezone on arterials only; rezone only mansion-oriented pockets; rip out bike lanes?

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Long-time Member of Parliament (1997-2015) and well-known Vancouver politician Libby Davies has endorsed fellow NDP member Kennedy Stewart in his bid for the Vancouver mayor’s job in the October 2018 civic election.

Her framing of the contest is revealing, coming as it does from a seasoned civic and federal politician.

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YES! Vancouver is not to be confused with “Yes Vancouver”, the spankin’ new Vancouver civic political party of Mayoral hopeful Hector Bremner.

YES! Vancouver has been active since at least 2007, according to their web site.  And this is what they do.

YES! Vancouver is a philanthropic networking group of professional women looking to make powerful connections with fellow girl bosses, go-getters, and risk takers.

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Current Vancouver City Councillor, and mayoral aspirant in the October civic election, Hector D. Bremner has announced the formation of the Yes Vancouver Party.

The paperwork’s done, but the web site and more will come next week. Meanwhile, the founding board members are profiled below.

Note the red-hot new hash tags you’ll need to follow:

  • #LetsFixHousing
  • #HectorForMayor
  • #HectorBremnerTeam

I may have to rush out and get some more computer whatzits to hold all of this stuff.

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The Green Party of Vancouver, OneCity and COPE have announced candidates for the October 20, 2018 civic election in Vancouver. Vision Vancouver‘s list will be known on July 8.

Apparently, the Vancouver District Labour Council’s negotiated candidate quotas are still being negotiated, or something. What may result is a VDLC candidate endorsement list that is shorter than this list. Or something.

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As Vancouver’s 2018 civic election gets closer (October 20), mayoral candidate Wai Young has sounded off with policy positions on a major city responsibility:  transportation.

And it’s drawn a few caustic responses.  Here’s one, from Charlie Smith in Vancouver’s Georgia Straight.

Memo to Wai Young: Bike lanes save lives—and crackpot transportation policies jeopardize the economy.

As more people make the same choice as I did—to cycle rather than drive—this facilitates the movement of goods and services around the city. It makes the roads less cluttered, which means less traffic congestion and less air pollution.

But there’s a new mayoral candidate who doesn’t like separated bike lanes.

Wai Young wants to stop developing new bike lanes so that people like me make the choice to drive rather than cycle. . .

She wants people like me in my car, where I will be more of a menace to pedestrians and other cyclists.

The upshot of this approach is a city with more emissions, slower-moving traffic, and more deaths on the roads.

That’s not going to help the economy.

I can hardly wait for Ms. Young’s upcoming housing policy, sure to be as clearly thought out. This from a mayoral candidate who told CBC’s Stephen Quinn this morning that bike lanes were the number one concern in Vancouver, according to her followers.

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