A pedestrian roundabout …

Paths throughout the neighbourhood come together here.  Everyone circles around the centre.  Or sits down and watches the circulation.

The space is beautifully proportioned; it feels comfortable.  And hence safe.

It`s an opening in the urban forest, ideal for the inhabitants who live underneath.

This place creates community.  Where is it?


Comment below, answer tomorrow.


  1. It’s at UBC, in the Wesbrook community (or also referred to as “University Village” or “South Campus”) south of 16th Ave.

  2. It’s in downtown Vancouver, south of Robson street, along one of those north-south streets that are blocked off for through traffic but cyclists can go through.

  3. One thing for sure it’s not on the East Side of Vancouver.
    Notice that once again the park benches are too low for most Persons with Disabilities,
    not an oversight.

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