Emma Crawford Hampel writes in Business In Vancouver:  but where does the GreenDP alliance fit in here? Does it depend solely on evolving sympathies or changing alliances with taxi companies?  Does the Liberal tactic of adopting its opponents’ platform extend now to the GreenDP.  Or is this just Uber being its normal hyper-aggressive self?

Starting today and continuing for the next month, the company is dispatching up to 25 Uber mapping cars across the region.
This will enable the company to come up with its own enhanced maps that can more accurately predict accurate ETAs, match the closest available drivers to riders and determine the fastest routes, it said in a press release.

Thanks to Joanne Lee-Young and Rob Shaw in PostMedia’s Vancouver Sun.

March 7, 2017:   VICTORIA — The B.C. Liberals turned ride-hailing into an election issue Tuesday, promising that if they win at the polls then British Columbians will be able to hire an Uber driver by Christmas.
Opposition New Democrats immediately fired back, announcing that if they win the election, the Liberal plan will never become a reality.