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You kind of wish this was in the Friday File, but as CBC reports some big truck owners are none too pleased about the fact that Peterborough Ontario has a driveway standard of 6 metres long. A homeowner complained to the CBC when they found their 6.3 metre truck would not fit into their driveway. Good thing they were not in Kitchener or Whitby that allows driveways to be as short as 5.5 metres.
When the homeowner bought the house they knew that the garage was going to be too small for their truck that they use for business. The homeowner of course wants the city to make the minimum driveway length longer to accommodate their long vehicle and to “protect the next buyer”.
Planner Sean Hertel notes: “As homeowners are driving less, municipalities and developers are creating less parking,” he said. “Imagine if we accommodated every single parking request. We’d be overwhelmed by vehicles. At the same time we’re trying to be more sustainable. Those things are at odds and I think we have to draw a line. There are tradeoffs.”
But it’s not over yet for the homeowner with the overlong truck. Sidewalks will be installed in front of their house, meaning they could be ticketed for obstructing the sidewalk.  In this case, there is no exception for motordom’s largesse.