Here’s Pete Meizsner’s take on the new PGR, complete with bafflement about a few residents’ opposition to the changes.

Point Grey Road used to be a busy commuter route between downtown Vancouver and UBC, with thousands of cars using the route daily to avoid traffic on West 4th and Broadway. Now it’s a low-traffic street, which improved property values and quality of life.
It begs the question, what are the vocal minority of naysayers really concerned about? Is it really the cost of the upgrades, or is it the hundreds of cyclists and pedestrians now passing by? Would these homeowners prefer a seawall along the waterfront in front of their properties (and their views)?
There’s no shortage of issues city hall deserves criticism for, but an improved cycling and pedestrian route in one of Vancouver’s most spectacular settings isn’t one of them.

Who would want this, given the choice over speeding commuters?  (click to enlarge)

Personally, I do understand commuter motorists’ problems at having their high-speed high-volume arterial turned into a traffic-calmed neighbourhood street.  But the remaining arterials on 4th Avenue, Broadway, 12th Avenue, 16th Avenue and 25th Avenue seem to have survived quite nicely and absorbed the 6,000 – 8,000 motor vehicles that formerly used PGR per day.   Who knows, maybe a few people have even changed their commute to involve a bike or a bus.


  1. I didn’t understand the problems either, until I cycled by one evening and noticed how much city owned land that owners on the north side were using for free were going to lose. Apparently, they didn’t like giving up what was not theirs.

    1. Equally so, one or two critics lambasted the city for “removing green space” to provide a new paved multi-use sidewalk along with new street trees and lawn. This was not a balanced critique because at least a dozen owners in the western most two blocks expropriated and paved big hunks of the boulevard for years for private parking, and hid the stalls with hedges.

  2. Haters gonna hate. I may be biased because I use that as a commute route on my bike twice a week, and think it’s wonderful. There are a few well known (vocal) people that will hate anything that has to do with bike infrastructure, they need to get a life. Also, a BIG shout out to the city for paving early so the BMO Marathoners would have an easier time of it. Running through there during the race, it was a nice pleasant surprise!

  3. There will need to be a seawall anyway because of sea-level rise and erosion due to storm surges. Back before PGR ever went on the table I wondered about a bike and walking path along the beach. I love that natural shoreline there, but it doesn’t seem to have a chance even with sea level rises of a metre.

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