Warren Frey writes in the Journal of Commerce about his interviews with a group of construction industry spokespersons.  What, he has asked, is the industry’s view of the political climate in BC now that the GreeNDP alliance will form government?
Here’s a sample of hard-nosed opinion, very much on the topic of jobs, and where they may or may not come from:

BC Building Trades executive director Tom Sigurdson said he didn’t see the shift in government changing the temperature of the industry.
“There will no doubt be a change in attitude from the soon-to-be-sworn-in Horgan government but I believe that will be more about developing sustainable economic opportunities instead of cheerleading for projects that are merely conceptual,” Sigurdson said.
“The Clark administration promised LNG development that would lead to 100,000 jobs in the construction industry. We have yet to see 1,000 construction jobs in LNG development. I would hope the Horgan administration will be more realistic in their announcements regarding economic development,” said Sigurdson.