I’ve been eagerly watching the progress of the laneway adjoining the Telus Garden complex between Georgia and Robson Streets.  If you have ever visited Melbourne you know how creative opportunities for programing and shaping laneway spaces are worth looking at.  We are no Melbourne but we certainly have a huge stock of alleys to play with, largely used for commercial and utilitarian purposes to date.  With that in mind it’s exciting to see some colorful interventions unfolding at the Telus Garden Laneway:
2017-06-20 19.09.28
2017-06-20 19.10.23
Colourful lanterns, vertical greenery and enhanced paving designate the space as a unique connection to the dining and business node of Telus Garden.
2017-06-20 21.40.18
At night the design elements come alive.
2017-06-20 21.40.36
The colours and messages of the overhead LED display panels are bold and flexible.  It would be nice to push the design boundaries a little further, as it feels as though the ground plane and corridor walls are still a bit monolithic and dull.  Perhaps some added vegetation through movable trees and some commissioned murals in strategic locations on the surrounding walls:
2013-11-03 16.46.36
Street Art
All in all a good first step in exploring the possibilities for the city’s “other” streets.  Looking forward to more funky urban spaces unfolding in the future.