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From south of the Fraser River the Delta Optimist reports that despite anything else  you may have heard,  the Provincial Liberal party want their overbuilt Massey Bridge despite financial, environmental, ecological and river impacts. Indeed former City Councillor of Delta and now MLA Ian Paton states that the bridge is the best option.
The premier, I believe, recently had a meeting with Malcolm Brodie, the mayor of Richmond. Apparently they are a bit concerned with the design on the Richmond side of the bridge, the interchange and those things,” Paton explained.”
But here is where it gets a little strange.  Why did the New Democratic Party and the Greens endorse the 10 year transportation plan by the Metro Vancouver Mayors’ Council? Why did the Liberals not endorse this? Could it be because the plan does not recognize the need for a replacement of the Massey Tunnel?
While Richmond Councillor Carol Day in a letter after the Throne Speech stated that the Premier was reconsidering the bridge, it appears that is not the case, and the Liberals are continuing their strange full throttle ahead with their overbuilt bridge located on top of the best farmland in Canada.
New MLA Paton gets the last word: “I can talk all day about some of the ridiculous ideas like submerging another tunnel… I’ve always contended that slapping a brand new concrete tunnel somehow next to an old beat-up tunnel that was built in 1958 doesn’t make any sense whatsoever…Also in 1958, there’s very little traffic on the Fraser River, now there’s tonnes of marine traffic. So how are you going to spend two years with barges out there trying to place a tunnel to the bottom of the river, which environmentally would be a nightmare for sturgeon and salmon and aquatic life.”
It is business as usual for the Provincial Liberal party.