Starting June 28 at sunset (late — after 9:45, Tues-Sat), this event will put 25-minutes of video+music onto the underside of the Cambie Bridge, near Cooper’s Park. There’s been lotsa buzz over it.  But now, the secrecy is fin-ished. The fish are out of the bag [groan].
Perhaps you can be convinced to migrate to the area for fun and a #salmonsocial evening.

Some of the creation story:

Inspired by a bike ride and a riverbank

In 2010, when filmmaker Nettie Wild stood on the banks of the Adams River watching sockeye salmon migrate, she knew instantly that she wanted to share this incredible spectacle with other city dwellers. The question was, how?
Initial development support came from the National Film Board to create a short work.  Then Nettie began experimenting with installation ideas – searching for a place to project images into a public space. After a few days spent cycling around Vancouver, Nettie and editor Michael Brockington realized just how much of the city’s downtown architecture is covered in glass – not a surface for projections.

Serendipity and salmon

Heading home disappointed, they opted for the bike path that goes by the Cambie Bridge.  That’s when Nettie and Michael stopped in their tracks. The underside of the bridge was the perfect projection site.

And some of the tech story:

[The event] is, apparently, a first for large-scale use of 3D projection.
Securing beautiful imagery was just the beginning. Projecting high-resolution images filmed in the wild, on multiple surfaces of a kilometre-long bridge several meters in the air? Not a feat with a ready-made blueprint. Chief technologist Anthony Diehl was also now on the project, providing expertise in digital mapping and large projection events. The team developed new ways to create and pre-visualize film sequences on a 3D laser scan of the Cambie Bridge

 A few quick facts:

• Public launch June 28th
• Viewing at the north-end of the bridge, Coopers’ Park/Marinaside Crescent
• Runs Tuesday – Saturday (except during Celebration of Light fireworks)
• Show starts at 10:00 pm (best to arrive before 9:45 pm)
• Projection event lasts 25 minutes, with original score (no narration)
• Show moves to 9:00 pm on August 15th
• Accessibility viewing area
• Standing audience capacity of 800
• It’s free and family friendly