Persons unknown have purloined some of the NDP’s most treasured property — their platform.  It may be hard to fence this stuff, since almost everyone knows where it came from and who it belongs to.  Smart operators should sit on it for a while before trying to sell the material in the media marketplace.

NDP.BreakinBC NDP Leader John Horgan, who delivered a press conference the following morning, had this to say: “Last night, unknown individuals broke into the BC NDP head office and stole most of our election platform.”
Obviously distraught, Horgan explained that nothing else of value was taken, but that the theft had left him feeling gutted: “That someone could so callously steal this platform that so many of our best people worked so hard on, well, it really undermines your faith in things, you know? Who could have done this?” asked Horgan, shaking his head solemnly.

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Clues are available to those who receive electronic messages from the world around them.  Like THIS ONE (thanks to David Moscrop in

 There’s an old joke, often attributed to Groucho Marx, that I spent the better part of Thursday thinking about after British Columbia’s premier, Christy Clark, presented her doomed government’s speech from the throne. The comedian is said to have quipped: “These are my principles. And if you don’t like them, I have others.”