Occasional PT contributor and full-time Langley City councilor Nathan Pachal writes about recently released plans for the Surrey light rail projects, and much more.  Incidentally ever-more likely to happen, too, given the increasing likelihood of referendum-free local funding.
Check out this Translink site for more detail, especially upcoming open house events (display boards HERE). The City of Surrey’s info page is HERE.
For example, the plans includes changing King George Boulevard to a tree-lined multi-modal corridor.

Today it’s a six-lane urban arterial — almost a freeway in its design and usage. The change incorporates the “complete street” approach, where those who choose their feet or a bike will have a safe, useable and pleasant place to make their trip.
As usual, let’s all prepare for yet another round of “Carmageddon“, the consequence-free game of predicting near-complete societal collapse as a result of changes to the existing allocation of road space.
The plan’s map shows two lines, with a combined total of 19 LRT stops over 27 km of travel.