Well-known Vancouverite Chip Wilson has placed this at the bus stop in front of Lululemon HQ on Cornwall.
Does anyone have any idea what it means?
I’m baffled, except that it’s a subtle and convoluted something or other about smartphones and life. I do echo the green felt-tip graffiti —   “So deep!” — which seems sarcastic and befuddled too.
If I had to guess, I’d say one of two possibilities:

  1. Insider message-joke for Lululemon people (Wilson does occasionally flash a sense of humour).
  2. Advertising campaign teaser.  It’s got the requisite ad strategy for part A: “Big problem here; soon I’ll reveal the product that solves it. Meanwhile, whirl in befuddlement and talk it up.”

And yes, I know that I’m playing into item 2. I’m just a sucker for mysterioso.
BTW, if I see the message elsewhere besides at Lululemon HQ, I’ll start leaning towards item 2.


  1. Fairly obvious that Chip is abandoning Twitter, and instead will dispense wisdom 140 characters at a time on bus shelters and billboards.

  2. He is further pushing lululemon to adapt to the changing times and increased competition in the athleisure marketplace.

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