From Michael Alexander:
Walking home on the seawall on a lovely late spring evening, I crossed under the Cambie Bridge to the sound of electronic music and flowing projections of spawning salmon and river bottoms (as here). Nice.



  1. The underside of bridges and Skytrain should always be considered for potential use. This Cambie segment is the only playset protected from the elements. Motordom gets billions in infrastructure – kids get crumbs – but we’ll take it. It’s a magical little place that we’ve enjoyed several times. When it rains, kids are stuck inside. You want happy healthy kids – put playsets where kids can play even in rainy weather. We went way out of our way to get to this playset. Put some adult stuff in these places too.
    The underside of Skytrain is found space that should be used. Many take advantage of the covered way between Rupert and Joyce; and the great Central Valley Greenway has protected parts that get lots of walkers and cyclists.
    Speaking of protected walking areas – there are a lot of sidewalks with awnings which would be useful, but store owners stick out their idiotic “sandwich boards” – as though these obstructions are going to hook passerby and shake cash from their pockets. Lets call them “fishing boards” instead and ban them. They are an obnoxious inconsiderate impediment to mobility, and a hazard to those with physical disabilities.
    Big thumbs up to those who created the installations under the Cambie – the art, and the playset. Big thumbs down to merchants with “fishing boards”. Big hopes that land under bridges and Skytrain be treated as a resource.

    1. Well Arnie the same thing could have been done with the viaducts now couldn’t it? But spending the $2000 million+ to to remove them is a much more theatric gesture against motor dim isn’t it?

      1. Motor dim. That’s pretty funny.
        You seem to have increased the viaduct removal cost by an order of magnitude, apart from ignoring both the full cost recovery and the benefit side of the equation.

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