Join us at the Western Front for a talk with German architect and theorist Andreas Rumpfhuber—in conjunction with The Vienna Model: Housing for the Twenty-First Century City, an exhibition at the Museum of Vancouver about the history of Vienna’s innovative urban development and social housing policies.

Rumpfhuber’s research-led practice focuses on expanding the social, political and economic conditions of design and architecture. His talk “Housing of Society” will address potential new forms for housing in relation to an economy dominated by neo-liberal capitalism. Presenting projects that aim to renew the emancipatory and deeply political nature of housing policy in Vienna, Rumpfhuber will be joined by local respondents Matt Hern, Caitlin Jones and Anthonia Ogundele.
The “Housing of Society” is part of Western Front’s ongoing program Urgent Imagination.
June 15
7 pm
303 East 8th Avenue

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