From Creative Mornings:
Be part of FIELD, a public art installation in Ackery’s Alley.
Have you seen or experienced the recently transformed downtown laneway Alley-Oop? Well, today the team behind Alley-Oop soft launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to create a permanent, immersive, interactive public art installation called FIELD designed by the immensely talented (and past CreativeMornings speaker) Alex Beim from Tangible Interaction.
FIELD will be located in Ackery’s Alley, situated next to the Orpheum theatre and named after their famous 1930’s manager, Ivan Ackery. Beim’s light + sound field will detect the presence of a person, changing colours and emitting sounds in reaction to movement like a large musical and light instrument that creates a unique composition every time someone moves through it.


More here.

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