Attention apathetic BC citizens:  do you still think that politics and voting don’t matter??  Be sure to check yourself for whiplash after reading these Clark remarks.
Justine Hunter in the Globe and Mail offers a long view of what may be the BC Liberals’ longer view.  Facing almost certain quick defeat in the BC Legislature, the as-yet Clark Liberals may be releasing their platform, in fact already campaigning for the next election. Apparently, the L-G has the option to call one following the new Clark gov’t’s impending defeat, depending, one presumes, on how persuasive the Horgan-Weaver team will be about their ability to muster confidence votes in the longer term.

B.C. Premier Christy Clark says she is ready to present a new urban-minded agenda for her government as she prepares for a likely defeat in the House later this month – including measures that promise to end a long-running feud with Metro Vancouver mayors over transit funding. . . .
. . . The Liberals lost a net total of six seats across Metro Vancouver in the May 9 election, costing them their majority.
Ms. Clark said on Monday she has absorbed a message from voters who turned away from her party: “We’re investing in supporting an urban agenda that’s going to make our cities the most livable in the world. You’ll see that in the Throne Speech, that’s the government’s chance to set out for British Columbians where we want to take the province.”

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  1. I don’t think the repercussions of ignoring and insulting the primary economic engine of the province will be easily made up with an opportunistic switcheroo in policy. Words are cheap.
    And you’ve also got the little issue of potentially 500 oil tankers a year floating off the tip of Canada Place, something opposed by the majority of people living within sight of the Burrard Inlet and the Salish Sea.
    And action on climate change? Creating green and value-added jobs? Addressing the shortcomings of extractive economies? Not a peep.

    1. Sub $20/h jobs installing solar panels or as a gaffer in the movie industru, or selling oil & gas extracted by folks making $75-150,000/year with billions of tax $s funding hospitals, teachers, social housing and condos .. that is the big question. If Canada doesn’t sell oil or gas, someone else will.
      Wealth destruction as espoused by the “Leap Manifesto” isn’t for everyone. Even Trudeau’s Liberal support Transmountain expansion:

      1. Your political agenda is way beyond the neutrality of basic economics. Way out on the thin branches. Twigs, really.
        I know many people in the movie industry (carpentry shops, design studios …) and they are very well paid. The only quibbles they have are the 12 hour days and being on call with just hours notice for new gigs.

  2. I believe the word we’re looking for is Hypocrisy. Hilarious, considering the Liberal attack ad labelled Horgan “Say Anything John” apparently Say Anything Christie is OK!

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