BC Liberals’ new Minister for Translink (Sam Sullivan) says that no referendum will be required for transit funding. Plus a promise from the party (via Mr. Sullivan) to repair the problems with Metro Vancouver’s mayors and residents.  Should their government survive, that is.
But in any case, it’s a major turnaround and mea culpa from the Liberals. And it does seem a repudiation of Premier Clark’s policy on transit funding referenda and her vision for Metro Vancouver.  Anyone else thinking monster bridges?  Road pricing?
Given the N-Dee-Green’s stance on the issue, such referenda may just have disappeared into the rear-view mirror.
New BC Liberals Cabinet Minister:   Sam Sullivan via News Talk 980.

The new minister responsible for TransLink says his party will no longer require another referendum in order for the region to develop new funding for the transit system. . .
The NDP and Green party said they’d kill the plebiscite requirement. . .
Sullivan admits the Liberals’ poor showing in the region in the May election results may have been related to the position. . . .
He says his first order of business is to repair the province’s relationships with Metro Vancouver mayors and residents.

Further background and discussion HERE.


  1. So local government was put through the meatgrinder for nothing, except for the premier’s whimsical view that democracy needn’t have a lot to do with leadership.
    What a waste of time and resources.
    At least Sam is silent no more on this issue.

  2. I might have been able to stomach the referendum if something similar also been required for the other huge road projects the government had been pushing through. But it was the blatantly obvious massive bias towards road infrastructure combined with years and years of stonewalling on transit that switched my vote.
    I’d like to think that this lesson to work nicely with the municipalities will be heeded by future candidates and governments, but only time will tell.

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