1. “Get Vancouver moving” is much powerful language than “#CutCongestion” (even if the Gateway slogan was “Get B.C. moving”). Better still, they are taking Skytrain like ordinary people. I think we need much more like this.

    1. Oh yeah, I’m sure those mayors always ride the Skytrain all the time and that they just happened to run into each other on board (along with a photographer to shoot them) – NOT!
      If more politicians took transit on a regular basis then you can bet that transit would be a higher priority than it is.

      1. And it would help if the BC capital would be in MetroVan, say in New Westminster, close to one of the SkyTrain stations there, as opposed to incurring massive (tax payer funded) travel costs for 50% of the MLAs who are from MetroVan and have to drive, fly or take the ferry. So “green” !
        btw, to search for their salaries click here [ Councillors & mayors generally not so well paid usually unlike their staff )

    2. I don’t think anyone imagines this is anything other than a photo op. Dis it all you like, it sends the right message: that transit is for everyone. It’s not the loser cruiser. Do you think that is the wrong message? Would you rather they did it in a beemer or the middle of a parking lot? Would such “honesty” serve the region better?
      Like or not, PR is a fact of political life. We expect politicians to perform: and they do. We punish them mercilessly when they don’t. That performance is also an expression of values. Laugh all you like at Christie Clark’s hard hat: she does it for a reason. Do you want the politicians working for you to succeed? Then they need to send the right messages. If they stand by those messages, is it really false? (Have you *seen* a car ad? Now *those* are dishonest. Here’s an idea: let’s limit politicians to standing at a podium. Surely that will beat flashy advertising!)
      Of course I agree that it would be good if politicians took transit for reasons other than PR. I said so in another thread. But let me ask you: how often do you see senior decision makers even *pretend* to take transit? If they can’t even be bothered to signal that it’s something they might use, how serious do you think they are about supporting it?
      If you think what we have is not good enough, join the club. I sure as heck don’t think it is. Which is why I welcome a step in the right direction.

      1. While I appreciate the message, it would sent a much better message if those mayors really did use transit all the time. Love him or hate him, one of the things I really respect about Gregor Robinson is that he practices what he preaches when it comes to commuting.

      2. I agree completely.
        I think even once a week would send a powerful signal. Transit use by family members would also be worth something. “My son takes transit to hockey practice every weekend.” It’s not nearly as good as leaders taking transit themselves, but it shows that at least they have some skin in the game.
        I don’t know how to make this happen. Leadership like this probably has to come from the top down.

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