Northeast False Creek plans march along.
A new Draft Area Plan (June 2017) is available. It includes taking down the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts, and covers transformation of around 58 hectares (143 acres), or roughly 10% of Vancouver’s downtown peninsula (excluding Stanley Park).
You can attend an open house & block party event on Saturday June 10 (11 – 7) to check out these plans and talk to city staff about what you love or loathe.
You may want to dive in to the Draft Area Plan (HERE 152-page PDF).  You can see what the engineers, designers and around 8,200 people they consulted came up with.
Here’s one small example:   Main St. (Prior-Union area) in an artist’s rendering, pre-and-post-viaducts.

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There will be new NEFC parks, including a skateboard park.
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And just to site the plan’s scope visually:
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