As reported by Global News spelling is very important for students and also to municipalities too. And it must have been a bit of a trying day in the City of Revelstoke B.C. when social media splashed the following image everywhere of the new word “school” freshly painted outside one of Revelstoke’s places of education.
So how does this happen? The stencils come in two sets and the painters held them upside down and backwards to paint the word SCOHOL. Revelstoke has put a positive spin on he error, saying that not only will the error be immediately corrected, but also suggesting that vehicles may slow down when they see the spelling.
You just can’t buy that kind of advertising.
“While the city’s supervisor is a little ticked by the mistake as well as a little surprised at the attention it’s getting, the operations manager says they’re all managing to have a little chuckle about it.”


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