Anointing bikes with chain oil —  a lighthearted event during Bike to Work Week in Metro Vancouver and the “Faith Commuter Challenge”, a part of Bike Month.  The religious leaders also blessed Compass Cards (transit) and shoes (walking) in homage to the priorities of transportation choices in Metro.
To me, it shows how far support has travelled in Metro Vancouver around transportation:  Priority to walk, then bike, transit, delivery vehicles, and finally private motor vehicle.  Not to mention environmental impact reduction when travelling.

Photo by Dan Toulgoet — with thanks

Anglican Bishop Melissa Skelton presided over the second annual “bike blessing” as part of a weeklong “Faith Commuter Challenge.” Eleven Lower Mainland faith communities have signed up for the initiative, which coincides with Bike Month, and encourages worshippers and non-worshippers to reduce their carbon footprint by using means of transportation other than the almighty car.
Thanks to Michael Kissinger in the Vancouver Courier for a fun story with a good message.


  1. Wow – the nonsense continues. A while back, a friend said we are becoming a society of idiots and I think he is right! I’ll keep worshiping like a civilized soul in my “almighty car” – I don’t think God will mind at all. One of these days, I would like to find out why you people are so against the car. Is it that you can’t afford one yourself and that’s why you keep bashing them? Curious…

    1. I don’t think anyone is against “the car”. Most that gripe about them are really just against the lack of choice that we had forced on us all in the past. The entire world was redesigned for a single transportation mode. This was all arranged to have Detroit and the oil companies profit from giving everyone a single choice.
      Cars are a tool and for some trips are the ideal match. The thing is they are often a bad choice. People would like the option to use a mode that makes the best sense for the particular trip.
      So, I agree, instead of criticizing the single mode that was our single option people should be pointing their dislike to the system and wanting to change it.
      It’s kind of like when disco music was big in the late ’70s. Every single radio station, 24 hours a day played only disco. Even if you liked disco you got sick of it and that started the “Disco Sucks!” movement. It should probably have been called “We want more musical variety” but it wasn’t.

  2. This sure turns modal agnosticism on its head!
    But seriously, it is good to see faith communities promoting sustainable transportation because it is only respecting creation. And I believe Jesus was mainly a pedestrian, whether on land or over water. Although he rode on a SOD (single occupant donkey) on Palm Sunday… 🙂

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