Great to see the new Musette Cafe taking shape in its new location on Burrard Street.  Yesterday’s warm weather showcased the design of the new voluminous space, specifically the great blurred threshold between the cafe and the streetscape when the massive patio doors are pulled back.
2017-05-23 14.07.01
The openness and prominent display of cycling memorabilia visible from the sidewalk attracts the attention of the passing pedestrian while conversely coffee sippers people watch and connect with the city.  A great simple space.
2017-05-23 16.10.54
Musette Cafe, 1325 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC.


  1. So very cool! Great urban design and café-bike concept. only on the wet coast! Marvellous!!

  2. It’s nice to see the open transitional semi-public / semi-private space raised slightly, and with a pretty generous glass rain canopy. These are simple design features that can make a big difference. I think some moveable glass panels for walls and a couple of heaters would keep this space usable year round.
    This one would no doubt be Jan Gehl-approved.

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