Crews near completion on the western end of the new and vastly improved Point Grey Road (at Alma).  It becomes clearer each visit what the final result will be.  And to think, just a few years ago, this was a noisy, dangerous quasi-arterial for 8,000 – 10,000 commuter motor vehicles per day.

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  1. A “noisy, dangerous, quasi-arterial commuter motor vehicles per day”???? Me thinks the writer doth protest too much. As someone who both road and drove that street, it was lovely in both instances in offering a quiet and charming alternative to the local arterials, now you have busier arterials that undermine neighbourhood quality and no alternative for drivers who seek a quiet and slow alternative route to their destinations.

    1. “Lovely” riding along PG before the upgrades? Probably wasting my time replying to an obvious troll account. I made the mistake once to ride this with a child trailer in tow. It was truly horrific.

  2. There is no justification, in my view, of closing a road against the wishes of most of the residents in the neighbourhood and dumping 10,000 cars onto neighbouring streets, including an already over-flowing Fourth Avenue. What about quality of life for anyone not living on Point Grey Road? My question would be: whose city is this, anyway?

    1. I would have to point out the “superior” quality of life of those who live within 150 m of any East Vancouver arterial. ALL Vancouver residents own Point Grey Road no less than said arterials. And PGR is now safer for all citizens.

    2. “No justification”? You’re not applying yourself, thetangledgarden2013. There are a number of very good reasons why the city is justified going against the wishes of residents’ inherently selfish objections to detour the road. But first let us revise the discussion to note that the road is not closed. It is detoured. All addresses are still accessible by car; some people are simply inconvenienced a bit and have to now drive a little further than before. Not closed.

      1. So true. The new Point Grey Road is wide open to people travelling on foot, on two wheels, three wheels, and four wheels.
        It is closed to commuter motor vehicles.

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