annas-hummingbirdVancouver’s Official City Bird is Anna’s Hummingbird.  With 3,450 out of 8,259 votes (42%), Anna’s Hummingbird flew past the Northern Flicker, Varied Thrush and Spotted Towhee.
Although this seems lighthearted (and it is) birds are an indicator species for the health of the city, and play many roles:  pollinators, seed distributors and insect eaters.
Vancouver is among birders’ favourite destinations, bringing tourism business. Around 370 species having been recorded in Greater Vancouver.   Notable, too, is the upcoming 27th International Ornithological Congress August 19-28 2018. Vancouver will host around 2,000 bird scientists.
The announcement event at the VPL was fun and fittingly lighthearted, featuring giant “birds”, mercifully short speeches and newly-commissioned music for brass quintet.