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If you are an engineering type there are lots of interesting jobs out there. Some people get to drive all the roads in the province and grade them. The City of Vancouver used to have two people who walked and drove every street in the city once a year identifying deficiencies and needed road repairs.  And the Vancouver Sun reports through Matt Robinson that if this interests you, the City of Surrey is looking for someone to take photos every five meters of its road space to identify the condition of the road.
The point is to assess when the pavement is going to fail, and replace it before it does. Successful applicants require a vehicle kitted out with a high-resolution digital camera and laser scanners, as well as a detection system for bumps on the road. With the City of Surrey’s 1,500 kilometers of road, you will drive and photograph the street at 50 km/h, driving speed, as well as at 30 km/h.
The complete job will take about two months, and it is assumed the work will cost about $250,000. This kind of work is common across North America now,  and sensors and cameras have revealed that six per cent of Surrey’s roads are cracking. Proposals for this work are due at the municipality by May 11.