On a lovely Saturday morning, I went for a walk along the newly temporary Arbutus Greenway from Broadway south to 16th. The crowd (~40 people by my estimate) listened to Dale Bracewell and others, including Maggie Buttle, the Greenway’s senior project manager.
At one intermediate stop (14th Ave.), I saw things that stimulated thoughts about the final design.    (See photo below).

  1. Heritage remnants of the CP Rail days — newly restored signage (“Railway Crossing.  24-hour emergency telephone number CPR Police 1-800-716-9132, please quote crossing no. 33709“).  At other places (notably 12th Ave.), you can see road-spanning crossing signals and other things from the corridor’s past, which may be retained.
  2. Heritage blackberry bushes
  3. Mobi station (a new form of transportation along reminders of an older form)

Small guerilla public art piece (Artbutus).  See photo at right.  More art to come, as City staff work to bring varied programming and art to the Greenway.