Even the waters of English Bay off Vanier Park. Water bikes will soon join the paddleboarders, sailboarders, parasailers, canoes, kayaks, Dragon boats and racing shells amid the motorized marine vessels.
It’s certain to be a controversy-free hit since there is no threat to asphalt or motordom.  A big plus is that Vanier Park has plenty of parking that is rarely if ever full of stored motor vehicles.   So . . .  you can drive right up!
Thanks to Carlo Pablito in The Georgia Straight.
Says Pablito:

The Vancouver board of parks and recreation has approved [Ed:  PDF] a two-year pilot program to provide water bike rentals at the popular waterfront location.
The board voted Monday (May 1) to allow B.C. Water Bikes Ltd. to operate the service at Vanier Park.
A limited water bike rental service was operated by the company in 2016 at the location.
According to a staff report, water biking is popular aquatic activity at many park and beach destinations across the world.
“These operations are generally welcomed and compatible with waterfront spaces since they’re non-motorized and support healthy and active lifestyles” the report noted.