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Scot Hein, architect and urban designer said that once you had a  subway system that connected your downtown, you had arrived as a city. The same cosmopolitan factor applies for seamless, carless connections to places connected by water, especially Victoria on Vancouver Island.
The new Vancouver to Victoria service by ferry connecting the downtowns by V2V Vacations will travel from Victoria’s Inner Harbour to Coal Harbour.  The service is expected to start in mid-May. Vancouver Courier’s Andrew Duffy reports that the 3.5 hour trip will be made with leather seats, on-board wi-fi and you can order beer and wine. Another firm, Clipper Navigation will join V2V Vacations on this route next year.
“The trip is estimated to take 3.5 hours.When it is up and running, V2V’s Victoria departures will leave from beside the Steamship Terminal Building at 2 p.m. and Vancouver departures from the Vancouver Convention Centre docks leaving at 8 a.m.”
Unfortunately this connection is not cheap. Adults will pay between $120 to $240 one way, and you are asked to check in about one hour prior to departure. You can find out more and make your reservation here.
The last passenger service between the two harbours 14 years ago closed after 19 months, with low ridership. Are there enough tourists and commuting locals  for this route to be sustainable?