There’s always a place for colour and new combinations of design elements for our multi-dwelling developments in this city.  Last month I had a rainy day to kill in Seattle so I quickly photographed as many examples of materials, colours and building forms for new architecture I could find.  Here is a quick and dirty photo dump of the booming residential infill and commercial projects throughout the Emerald City.
Part 4 is a Potpourri of buildings throughout Downtown, Capital Hill and the U-District.
2017-02-28 12.47.24
2017-02-28 12.46.47
Wood, coloured glass and planters along a multi-program streetscape (2041 7th Ave).
2016-02-23 13.59.29
2017-02-28 12.53.14
Bursts of colour from Amazon’s Doppler building next door.  Somewhat simple building forms with strong vertical and horizontal accents courtesy of Seattle based firm NBBJ (2021 7th Ave).
2017-02-28 12.48.16
A Trellis of vines softening utilities while providing a pleasant green edge along the sidewalk.
2017-02-28 12.49.37
A great mix of building forms and textures at the Denny Triangle (NW Corner of Lenora St & 6th Ave).
2017-02-28 12.50.52
More Louvers anchoring the corner of Amazon’s Day 1 building and tying in with the neighbouring structure (2121 7th Ave).
2017-02-28 13.27.28
A refreshing use of ornate tile for this building column in Capital Hill (600 East Pine St).
2017-02-28 13.39.42
Mixed brick at this mixed use infill project in Capital Hill (220 Broadway E).
2017-02-28 13.05.24
Bold Gun Metal Grey paneling (820 Pine St).
2017-02-28 15.19.50
Great horizontal scale with bold colours against Cor-Ten siding in the U-District (4710 11th Ave NE).
This concludes my mini photo series on Seattle Architecture focusing on colour and materials.  Over to you Vancouver, time to up your game and push the envelope of design and program.  Cheers.