The casino and hotel under construction next to BC Place has already added a unique colour to the False Creek skyline:

I guess the wordplay with ‘copper’ – a synonym for the penny – is no longer meaningful, likely to disappear with the coin itself.


  1. The colour is nice.
    The building is an abomination on many many levels.
    The worst being the creation of an over-sized, super, super-block. The stadium itself created a big enough interruption but there wasn’t much that could be done about that. Blocking the ring plaza is just a big middle finger from the house.
    The city should have never allowed it.

  2. The really unfortunate aspect is that the view cones limited the heights of the buildings – making them short and squat – thereby blocking much of the landmark BC Place Northern Lights Display.

    1. Apparently it was city policy to “hide” the ugly stadium with surrounding development. (or so I’ve been told by a planner from the city.)
      The light show was a change in direction that changed that dynamic. Whether you like the lights or hate them, it’s dumb that so much effort will be hidden. I’m curious how the remainder of surrounding development will accommodate them or not.
      But hiding ugly with more ugly doesn’t make any sense.

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