An Op-Ed in today’s Daily Hive describes HUB Cycling’s UnGapTheMap campaign.  A nifty video accompanies the words.

Unconnected infrastructure is way better than none, but too much of metro Vancouver is not easy to get to unless you’re willing to detour or ride in scary places.
Writes Erin O’Melinn, Exec Director at HUB Cycling:

More than 40% of locals want to cycle but currently don’t, and for many of them it’s because they are scared of dangerous road conditions.
One of the biggest barriers is the number of gaps that exist within Metro Vancouver’s bike network. One moment you are enjoying a pleasant, relaxed ride along a protected path, such as the Port Mann Bridge, and 20 m later you are faced with a busy highway and no safe way to continue your journey if you want to get to New Westminster or Coquitlam Centre. . .
. . .  Through UnGapTheMap, HUB Cycling is identifying and prioritizing the more than 300 gaps in Metro Vancouver’s cycling network that cause the biggest problems. From high-demand commuter spots like Powell Street in Vancouver, to those that would create a connection between municipalities such as 64 Avenue between Delta, Surrey and Langley, we’re working to ensure people of all ages and abilities can access Metro Vancouver by bike.

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