The street can be used for many things, and disrupting the travelled portion of the road for some of the best show tunes out of an epic Broadway musical fits right in. Just as long as the performances mesh with the length of the crosswalk walk signal.
As reported in the Rolling StoneJames Corden enlisted Dan Stevens, Josh Gad and Luke Evans to join his ragtag Crosswalk theater company’s production of Beauty and the Beast on the street outside CBS on The Late Late Show Wednesday. 

Despite the celebrity of the actors and the obvious quality of the costumes and the performance, the video shows that drivers were not too amused. But the impact of this crosswalk performance is priceless.

After a frantic parking lot rehearsal, the show got underway with Corden leading a spirited performance of “Belle” – the opener from the 1991 animated musical – on the crosswalk before the lights changed. The company tore through similarly dangerous performances of “Gaston” and “Be Our Guest,” with car horns serving as applause. “

A  shortened version of the performance is linked below.