Here’s a concept that initially one might take as satire.  But then, these days, it’s hard to beat reality.
From CNN:

The Big Bend: A U-shaped skyscraper that aims to be the longest in the world

The Big Bend is a curved, 4,000 foot-long skyscraper planned on Manhattan’s Billionaire’s Row. It’s the brainchild of Oiio Studio. …

The Big Bend is just an idea – for now. Oiaonomou has sent the plans to a few companies and is currently seeking investments.

Branded by Trump, financed by Russians, built for billionaires, will remain largely empty.


  1. No different from the Jenga Tower or Vancouver House. Just more baubles for the offshore rich on land that should have been used for housing locals.

    1. Offshore cash, properly taxed creates a lot of taxes for the federal, provincial and municipal governments AND a lot of jobs for planners, designers, painters, furniture makers, truckers, plumbers, window installers, crane operators, concrete pourers, cleaners, elevator firms, property managers, lawyers, realtors etc.
      We can debate “properly taxed” as we have some work to do here in BC, but by and large foreign cash is GOOD !!!!
      Not having foreign cash benefits these professions and governments how ??

  2. Why is this a bad idea – or is that just obvious in your head?
    Even if this remains empty (which is hard to believe), it takes up almost zero scarce land and stimulates the economy enormously. What is the downside? Let the market build housing, even billionaire housing.
    Or at least explain your logic. I am not being facetious – I honestly don’t get it. Maybe I have Asperger’s or something.

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