In one of those stories that just has to come from the Maritimes someone thought it might be a good idea to tow a couch behind an ATV and go through the drive in line at McDonald’s in Miramichi New Brunswick at 3:30 a.m. last Thursday.

“Miramichi police say an officer spotted the couch, being towed behind an ATV, at 3:19 a.m. Thursday in the drive-thru. Cpl. Lorri McEachern says the driver of the four wheeler took off after the officer turned on the lights atop his cruiser, stranding the two “intoxicated” men outside the restaurant.

She says the driver raced through the parking lot, across the highway and onto the frozen Miramichi River, still towing the couch through much of his escape.”

Two couch surfers were caught. The crime? It is illegal to tow a couch through a drive through. However it should be noted that both men were wearing helmets.Two local men, aged 28 and 39, will face yet-to-be-determined charges.

A man carries a sofa on his motorcycle on a highway near Kenya's capital Nairobi


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