You can always tell when something becomes an institution when it is written about or becomes a play. One of my  favourite places-and  some of my favourite people-are at the Elbow Room. Bryan Searle and Patrick Savoie first opened this restaurant  on Jervis Street with huge groaning breakfasts served with the driest sense of humour directly catered to your quickness. Their first  restaurant was in the home of the first mayor of Vancouver, Malcolm McLean who served in 1886. If he came back  as a ghost, I am sure he was entertained in fine form by Bryan and Patrick.
These restauranteurs serve their breakfast and lunch specials with a fine side of sarcasm and quick wit. And if you can’t finish your portion? You are sure to be contributing directly to the donations collected for a loving spoonful, with a stern admonishment to eat more next time. They’ve raised tens of thousands for this organization.
The Elbow Room, now on Davie Street  is one of those places you take people you really love and people you’d like to know better. The repartee and exchanges with staff are legendary, edgy  and everyone leaves as friends. There is also a short documentary film on the Elbow Room here.
The Elbow Room is now immortalized in a musical and it is featured in its premiere at York Theatre from March 1 to 12. The musical is developed by Zee Zee Theatre in conjunction Langara’s Studio 58. This is sure to be a sell out, and a great opportunity to see how art parallels the extraordinary wit of The Elbow Room.

Where: York Theatre – 639 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

When: March 1 to 12, 2017

Tickets: At The Cultch, $19-$44




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