One of the must-see attractions of Buenos Aires is La Recoleta Cemetery – one of the most extraordinary in the world.  It’s a metaphor for the city: dense, extravagant, lovingly maintained in parts, decayed in others and saturated with class, politics and culture, if you know what you’re looking at.
Situated tightly in the Recoleta district, only 14 acres, it must be the most expensive real estate in BA, if not in the Americas.
It’s also an architectural petting zoo – examples of almost every style imaginable, taken to extremes.
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It’s also a textbook of the famous and infamous, and both, from Argentinian history, including, of course, Eva Peron.  But you won’t have an easy time finding her grave.  They won’t actually tell you where it is.
Evita made it clear she did not want a major mausoleum in a prominent site, nor would that have gone down well considering her neighbours.  The past is still present.