On an early morning run through the Palermo Woods, I came across a space that became one of my favourites in Buenos Aires – a series of storefronts and seating spaces under a railroad viaduct:
Initially I thought it was BA’s version of New York’s High Line, or more accurately Paris’s Promenade Plantee, with shops and galleries built into the arches of an abandoned railway line.
But no, as an overhead rumbling soon confirmed, this is still a main commuter line feeding into Retiro Station:
viaduct-starbucksIt’s also clearly a favoured hangout for runners and cyclists, moms and nannies, business people and hipsters, and, in the evening, gay and straight nighclubbers.  The viaduct houses a great collection of unique stores, brewpubs, trendy restaurants and, of course, Starbucks – which is as common in BA as it is in Vancouver.
Best of all are the seating spaces nestled into the park-like spaces on either side of the viaduct.