Turncoats is a series of debates will rugby tackle fundamental issues facing contemporary architectural practice with a playful and combative format designed to foment open and critical discussion, turning conventional consensus on its head.


Say what you will about a Trump presidency, it will be good for business. When the leader of the free world is a real estate developer, architects will still just be service providers, and that’s okay. Architects shouldn’t be political. Some of history’s most celebrated buildings were built under regimes with stomach-churning track records. Getting upset about policy is a distraction from doing great work. Spare us your hysteria! Buildings outlast politicians.

  • Thursday, January 26
  • 5 pm
  • $10
  • Inform Interiors – 50 Water St

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The Panel

    • AnnaLisa Meyboom is an Associate Professor at the School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture at UBC and Director of the Transportation Infrastructure and Public Space Lab at UBC, and owner of the design practice, InfrastructureStudio.
    • Jennifer Cutbill is a project Architect at Local Practice Architecture. She is also a Regional Director of the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada, and acting Chair of its national Environmental Committee.
    • Alicia Breck is an adjunct professor at the School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture at UBC and a project manager at Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency.
    • May So is an Associate at Henriquez Partners Architects whose work is driven by social justice.

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