When more people have more ways to get around, it brings more smiles to more business owners. Especially those that are on or near the new Arbutus Greenway. It does show the importance of the connections from the Greenway to the transit, ped and bicycle infrastructure that the Greenway meets.

Claudia Laroye and Terri Clark of the Marpole and Kerrisdale Business Improvement Assocs.

Thanks to Jen St. Denis in MetroNews for this article discussing two BIAs (Marpole and Kerrisdale) that think the finished Arbutus Greenway will help bring customers to their shops.


  1. Here’s my anecdote about this. Before the temporary path I rarely went to Kerrisdale. Now I’ve been there many times and spent money because I was able to bike south on the Arbutus Greenway to get there. It’s already bringing them money.
    If this becomes one of the “must do” things for tourists then of course people after their walk or bike trip along the greenway will want to stop for a coffee and a nosh on 41st.

  2. Just check the crowds every day in Terra Beads in Olympic Village. Watch how many people come off of, or return to, the Seaside Greenway.

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