Geekwire reports an unsettling story that the City of Seattle’s Pronto bike-share service will shutter on March 31. “In October 2014, Pronto Cycle Share debuted as a public-private partnership. In 2015, the City Council set aside $5 million to expand the program. But plans changed after Pronto reported that it was “insolvent” due to operating losses ($1.2 million of debt) and low ridership numbers a controversial and ultimately unsuccessful program in Seattle, with fewer-than-expected members signing up to rent bicycles on-demand to get around the city.”

The city  last year intended to buy out the bike-share program and relaunch the service with electric bikes. This year instead the funding will be used for expanded pedestrian and  bicycle facilities.This shift in funding priorities allows us to make critical bicycle and pedestrian improvements — especially for students walking and biking to school,” Mayor Murray said in a statement. “While I remain optimistic about the future of bike share in Seattle, today we are focusing on a set of existing projects that will help build a safe, world-class bicycle and pedestrian network.”

This failure is in contrast to the success of Seattle car shares, which has had fantastic growth, or the launch of bike share in Portland where the  “recently-launched bike-share program is off to a hot start.”