From the remarkable Price Tags contributor  James Bligh comes this gem:In the words of James Bligh “Millennials have no time to waste, not even ten seconds to order a pizza. That time could be better invested.”
As described on The Verge, the most perfect app ever invented as arrived.

“Pizza chain, and unashamed Hatsune Miku fan club, Domino’s has announced its latest innovation in food ordering: an app that orders a pizza with “zero clicks.”The process isn’t quite hassle-free. To order a pizza with “zero clicks,” a customer must first download the app, connect it to their Domino’s profile, and set an “Easy Order” option — you know, the go-to pizza you’d order regularly enough to warrant a dedicated app.”

The app is the latest attempt by Domino’s to remove both human contact and the faintest stress from the pizza-ordering process. In the past, Domino’s has allowed customers to order pizza via Amazon Echo, Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Smart TVs, and even emoji on Twitter.” There’s a fifteen second video below that illustrates the new way to order.


  1. Probly the main motivation for this is so that domino’s can, or wants to eliminate some call centre jobs. Pizza Hut is also training us to order on line by offering a medium pizza for 10 bucks (when you order on line). Pretty good deal actually.

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