The “Gordies” are awarded annually by the Editorial Board of Price Tags with input from readers. “Gordies” for 2016 will be presented daily every day in six outstanding categories. 

Today, Tuesday January 2 , Price Tags Editorial Board presents the Gordie for:
*Biggest Transportation Events*
There were four notable contenders in this category.  The Biggest Transportation Events of 2016 are:
The Massey Bridge-–”10 lanes to fresh new sprawl. Yummy.  Cars for everyone!!  And billions upon billions of referendum-free dollars for them, with no end in sight.  How many months until that Provincial election?”
Approval of Mayors’ Phase One Transit Plan“$2B more bus, Skytrain, Seabus and HandyDART; money from Feds, Province and Metro Vancouver.  Serious planning on Broadway subway and Surrey LRT lines.  Baby steps, too, on the way to regional mobility pricing.”
More SkyTrain — “approval of $93M for 28 spankin’ new SkyTrain cars (a 9.8% increase) arrivals start in 2018; cars in service by the end of 2019.”
Opening of Evergreen Line –“ $ 1.43 B (capital), 11-km, 7 stations, construction since 2013.  Hopes for development to boom around the stations. Transit-oriented development rises in local thinking.”
Tomorrow, stay tuned for another “Gordie” 2016 award in the “Happiest Tranportation Story” category.


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