Presumably Mr. Sadhu Johnston has a very Vancouver vista out some window nearby his office, but here’s his view of planning policies and results. It’s taken from a Vox interview published in July, 2016.
Just to show how some of this goes, and to give a glimpse into the lives of City politicos and managers, here’s some of the section on bike lanes:

DR: Presumably you’ve been doing bike infrastructure long enough to get some data on it.

SJ: We did one bike lane that became a major, major election issue. A hotel owner on the bike path gave the largest political donation in our city’s history to try to unseat the mayor on an anti–bike lane campaigning platform. They just went down in flames. People did not respond to it.

But because it was so much of a fight, the business association downtown did an in-depth study on vacancy rates on the bike path before and after. Vacancy went way down after the bike lane. It was very, very clear that the bike lane added value to the economy on that street.

So I think businesses are starting to acknowledge that bikers can stop more easily, can park more easily, and there’s more of them on a bike lane than you’re going to have with cars that are racing down there at eight times the speed.

Many thanks to PT commenter “Gulley” for the pointer.


St. Regis Hotel, thriving on the Dunsmuir Bike Lane