Here’s a fun and thoughtful response to a recent bit of whimsy on PT — the Bubble Diagram.  The author (Dominic Brown) looks at the issue (diagramming journalism) with refreshing breadth in this age where pre-dawn tweets can shake stock markets.

The degree of left-right skew (on the x-axis) is described in terms similar to the degree of rigour or integrity (on the y-axis). Utter garbage and conspiracy theories correlate tightly with sensational or clickbait. If it really compared publications on two dimensions, there should be some in the upper corners, combining a complex or analytical approach with content that’s utter garbage. What would those be, exactly? Maybe some specialty sites detailing astrology calculations or UFO-sighting timelines?

And thanks to this author for some kind words about PT.
Other thoughts about the bubble diagram have floated my way– mainly one that compares the look of the diagram to that of an anatomical improbability. To me, the diagram sorta resembles an early version of a Klingon spaceship from the original Star Trek. Kind of Muppet-like, with a goofy hat.