From a comment on a column by Roger Cohen in the New York Times:

El Jamon

I will keep raising this issue until it is addressed. What happens when some crazy nut job attacks a Trump property, somewhere in the world? Who is on the hook to secure those properties? The Trump Organization? How will they afford such security measures?
img_6329-largeWill the tax payers subsidize Mr. Trump’s risks, again? Will the nations where the “brand” appears be called upon to provide security, and to what cost to American interests and diplomacy? Or will American forces and treasure be called upon to protect Trump’s assets? What will the self-professed “counter-puncher” do when some psychopath jihadi attacks his global properties?
He is the most vulnerable President in American history. Will foreign nations twist his arm, holding the security of his buildings and golf courses over his head? Will this man-child commit our children to a war over a tantrum or a golf course? This is the most frightening and sobering question surrounding Trump’s many many conflicts of interest.
A group of ill-informed suckers elected a fool. I am a Veteran. When recalled for Desert Storm, I dropped out of college and returned to service. I offer that fact as a qualification to my concerns.
I make this promise, right here and now, that my children will not fight to protect the mark of Trump.


  1. It’s a privately held property under a licensing agreement (i.e. a Franchise Agreement).
    Have you ever read through a 100 page Franchise Agreement and tried to break it?
    Would you want to be on the hook for liquidated damages?
    It’s not as simple as you might think.
    Remember when the Province reversed its decision to rename BC Place “Telus Park”?
    That was a $40 million licensing deal – imagine if the Province had tried to break it AFTER it was signed.
    We don’t know how much the Trump deal is worth.

  2. I don’t understand what the suggestion is here… yes, Canadian police and authorities will protect the property of Trump from attacks or vandalism in Canada. This is the function of the police.
    Are you suggesting the United States/ Trump should pay for anti-terrorism forces in Canada to protect a building in Vancouver he doesn’t even own because he has licensed his name onto it? Do you really want that?
    Are you suggesting we compel the company to remove the name Trump because we fear it is a target for terrorism? Do you really want that?
    There are plenty of legitimate criticisms of Trump. Trump is a cultural candidate that feeds off leftist cultural nonsense. If you let his actions speak for themselves, he will probably flounder. As long as you keep lobbing him these weak criticisms, he and his supporters smash them down and they are strengthened and you look like you’re crying wolf. It is in your own interest to HOLD BACK on your criticism until after his first 100 days in office. Build your credibility by at least APPEARING to give him an honest chance, APPEARING to accept the results of the election, and APPEARING to root for his success.

    1. Please stop talking sense. It’s much better when the left doesn’t know how ridiculous they look. I’d much rather read articles about how “Führer Drumpf”s latest “horrifying” tweet is proof that the US has become 1930s Germany than anything grounded in reality.

      1. Hahaha yea ironically Trump actually benefits from most of this unfair criticism and white noise.
        Unfortunately, Trump may be able to get away with truly bad stuff because legitimate criticism will be downed out by the sea of nonsense.
        By indulging itself in such hackery, the left is partly abdicating its role as an effective opposition and its intellectual credibility is being damaged. And that is sad for those of us that believe democracy functions best with a robust opposition.
        The left needs to become more self-aware and realize how endless self-righteous tantrums come across to the rest of us. It should realize that in politics, for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. By fostering identity politics of “not-white-males”, it is empowering the identity politics of white males.

    2. The real threat is to freedom and democracy, the rule of law and truth itself. There will be no holding back, no appeasement is in store, there will be no double talk, no keeping up appearances, for what? Obama has ordered a deep investigation into Russian hacking of the US elections to be completed with a report on his desk by January 20. The CIA is now on the public record; “Russia Aided Trump Win.” The cold war is over.

  3. I agree. Let’s let Trump and his cabinet of radicals rule for a while, then see who pulls their support or criticism first, KKK figurehead David Duke or uber leftie Bernie Sanders.

  4. Ok Spank you need to realize that you have no say about what Trump does or does not do and it no longer matters who supports him and who does not. America is now on the path of “The Great Leap Backwards”. Narcissism always leads to despair, desolation and eventual death for all who participate. Just ask the Germans all about that. The “You’re Fired Squads” are taking shape, the legions of lawyers are lining up for jobs. The moneymen are feeding the military machine, it won’t be long before we all are dead. This is no time for trivial conversations, Gordie awards, and one off quips.

    1. “it won’t be long before we all are dead”
      This is exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about.
      Either you don’t really believe what you are saying, or you are a coward. Because if I truly thought Hitler had risen to power, I would be arming myself and preparing for war. If Trump is Hitler, it is your moral duty to kill him. Either shut up or sack up!
      Left left has occupied the moral and intellectual highground for decades. It seems to be forfeiting it.

  5. “Because if I truly thought Hitler had risen to power, I would be arming myself and preparing for war.”
    There are countless ‘Hitlers’ in the world today. Lots of opportunities to fulfill your ‘moral duty’.
    Why are you posting here instead of dealing with them?

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