Canadians waste an astonishing amount of food – about a third of Canada’s food never gets eaten – with significant environmental, economic and social consequences. This results in higher disposal costs for local governments and their ratepayers and higher greenhouse gas emissions all through the food value chain and from landfills. Conservative estimates of the value of food waste is $100 billion in Canada and good, nutritious, edible food is being thrown away.
Join us to learn how the National Food Waste Reduction Strategy, launched by Canada’s National Zero Waste Council at the 2016 Zero Waste Conference, provides a means to reduce food waste in Canada through policy, innovation, and behaviour change, and hear about efforts underway in the Metro Vancouver region to tackle this issue at a local level.

  • Malcolm Brodie, Chair, Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Committee; Chair, National Zero Waste Council
  • Bob Long, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, NZWC Board Member
  • Andrew Marr, Director, Solid Waste Planning, Metro Vancouver
  • Larina Lopez, Division Manager, Corporate Communications, Metro Vancouver

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