An eye-grabbing piece from the Daily Mail: Human drivers will bully robot cars unless the vehicles are programmed to be more aggressive, warns Mercedes-Benz CEO

Driverless cars will be programmed to follow the law, whereas human drivers often speed, drive dangerously and cut people off.

Mr Exler said: ‘They’ll look for the autonomous car and that’s where they’ll cut in.’

Driverless cars could be programmed to be more aggressive in response to other drivers, but Mr Exler said he doubts regulators would allow that to happen.

Darn humans.  How can we design them out of the transportation system?

More intriguing, though, was this reference:

In July, Mercedes-Benz also unveiled its self-driving ‘Future Bus’, which it says will be the ‘local public transport of the future’.


As well as being self-driving, the Future Bus will contain a range of modern features in the aim of allowing its passengers to ‘enjoy a fascinating driving experience.’

… without those expensive drivers.
Here’s something even more provocative: If driverless technologies really come on fast, Canada could see the loss of something like 120,000 jobs – truckers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, Uber drivers – almost overnight.
Primarily men, aging, with limited education, and no immediate prospect of replacement jobs on that scale.
So sure, dump that cohort on to the job market and let government worry about it.
Given what has happened politically in the States with deindustrialization, does anyone see a problem here?