Vancouver’s Mobi bike-share system has hit 100,000 rides.  Most trips appear to be short one-way rides, as expected, from the 80 stations (800 bikes) now in place.
My experience is unchanged.  The system, with all its moving parts, just works.  And it’s a positive addition to the transportation options we have.
From the City of Vancouver press release:

Comparable cities with similar or larger-sized bike share systems have passed 100,000 rides in anywhere from two to nine months; Vancouver’s program reached that milestone in just three months. . . .
. . . .  The top five most popular Mobi stations are:

  1. Granville and Georgia
  2. Hornby and Nelson
  3. Hornby and Pender
  4. Bute and Robson
  5. Ontario and the False Creek Seawall.

These are all locations that are near transit connections or active transportation routes.